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Transitions in life are always around us, changing schools, homes and jobs. And also it is with health care. Over the last 4 years I have been back  in school studying to be a Feldenkrais practicioner. This dove-tails well with my philosophy of bodywork and massage. I am happy to announce my graduation from the Baltimore Feldenkrais Training program While practicing as a licensed massage therapist I've concentrated on structurally helping people integrate their work and play habits. With my new certification my focus is now on functional integration. The Feldenkrais method is a bodywork which uses two forms, ATM-awareness thru movement classes and FI, functional integration individual sessions to help the client restore graceful movements and functionality back into their lives. This gentle but high effective bodywork method can help many to improve the quality of life. As I finish my 4th year of study, August 2016, I am happy to announce I have pass all the requirements to be certificated in the Feldenkrais method. All my massages will reflect this new path of learning.

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